"We are extremely delighted to have been associated with Indus International School,Bangalore. Within a very short period of time our son's transition from a toddler to a boy was clearly visible. It was beautiful to see him start growing into a well-mannered and independent person. The way of teaching seems to bring out the child's creative cognizance and his ability to apply whatever he has been taught at school in real-world scenarios. We are utterly grateful to all the staff for taking very good care of our son, especially Ms. Rashmi for being his friend, helping him to adapt to the: idea of school and making him love it as well.To conclude all we can say is with Indus each day our son is achieving new milestones and we are very thrilled and happy to witness this journey 🙂 "

- Madhumitha Swaswami (Parent of Aadhav, Reception year)

My son Aarav Jain, currently a student in grade 3A , has been at Indus school for the last 4 years. He has had some great teachers along the way who have been very kind and provided an excellent support to him. I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to all those teachers.In this note, I want to talk about the gradual change that I see in Aarav from when he entered Grade 3 verses now when he is about to finish. I have seen Aarav grow a lot in confidence and become more expressive. This change was more and more evident as the grade progressed. If I must connect the dots on this, there have been countless hours spent by the teachers of Grade 3 specially Miss Nidhi and Miss Avni and all the other teachers involved.

- Pankaj and Priyanka Jain ( Parents of Aarav Jain, Grade 3)

“We are so excited about this opportunity to write about our experience with Indus as it is our daughter Akshaya’s first school. She was so nervous about going to school before she reached the school and met her favorite teacher — Ms. Rashmi. Her fear of school was blown away on the first day itself!
Ms. Rashmi kept us updated about her activities from the Day 1, which still continues. We found the curriculum very good for a child’s growth and development.

- Prathewray & Shigee (Parent of Akshaya, Reception)

“I’m very happy to be back” was one of the first responses I got from Seina as soon as she started going to school after nearly 2 years of pandemic-induced break.Initially, I was a little apprehensive on how she would adapt to the new environment, teachers, and friends. This was the first time she was stepping into the main campus, and I must say, Seina did not find it even a wee bit difficult to adjust.Indus International School Bangalore’s holistic learning approach has led to a significant positive influence on Seina’s social, cognitive, and emotional growth.Indus has helped strike a harmonious balance between academics, sports, and arts.

- Shruthi AnupKumar (Parent of Sena Anup Kumar, Grade 2)

This was the second year of the pandemic. Online schooling was no longer new to children thankfully, they took to it like fish to water. But the challenges of online schools had not gone down. Having to manage schedules, technology challenges and keeping the attention of the children was still a fairly challenging task. Add to that, the need to ensure different children’s needs were met and managing homework, assignments and projects seamlessly - this whole exercise had turned into a monumental task. It needed fantastic partnership from teachers, administrators, parents and students themselves to pull off this schooling year.And in no small measure, there was a new challenge of the start-stop offline school,

- Meena Anand

As millennial parents, I presume we all relate to this strong sentiment of letting our kids have the opportunities we didn’t have as kids. I want to be clear that I don’t mean giving them “things” we didn’t have as kids. Opportunities to me, as a working professional and mother to a daughter, means a level playing field to succeed. An environment where no one ever makes her feel inadequate or less capable than her male peers.

- Vaishali Motiani (Parent of Ira Motiam, Grade 1)

"Being Australian, learning about other cultures was always important to me. Indus International School is a very multicultural place, and thats why I chose to study there. The curriculum is well-designed and hence prepares us for life. By joining the extra-curricular activities, I was able to develop myself-confidence and make new friends."

- Emily Thomson

"I joined Indus International Bangalore in class VI and completed my XII here. The friends, memories and values I imbibed in myself will be something that I will cherish for a lifetime. I have learnt a lot from this school and I feel proud to be a part of it. A big thanks to our CEO and Principal who great leadership qualities led to the upbringing of the school"

- Adarsh Agarwal

"My journey at Indus began in April 2015 when I was enrolleas a term boarder.IB at Indus was a completely different experience when compared to an average IBDP education.At Indus, equal focus is there on whole education as on academics.The whole aspect of leadership has helped me become better at time management, social interaction,communication and resource management.We were given experiential learning opportunities that helped us understand and emulate the core values of love, empathy, discipline and respect.I can say that IBDP education at Indus has definitively made me locally rooted but globally competent."

- Ishaan Verma