Startup School


StartupYou is the first of its kind within the K-12 education program focusing on developing competencies and enabling students to become Future Ready! It is completely an online program, where students of Grades 6 – 12 pursue a twinning/dual program, committing to 3 hours a week for their development.

Students collaborate in teams to develop competencies in the following avenues:
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Business

The curriculum aims at guiding students to become Life Entrepreneurs – where they will create a vision for themselves, cope with and manage failures, think to innovate, and make a change for themselves and others.A unique feature at StartupYou is the mentor support that students receive from Industry experts, opportunities for Virtual Internships, solving problems through design thinking projects and understanding of the Start-up ecosystem through business idea competitions. StartupYou highlights the change in thinking in 21stcentury education and its importance in unlocking the potential of a student.