Life as a Boarder

Life as a Boarder

Indus International School stands for holistic education, excellence, and all-round development in students. The environment at boarding motivates and inspires students to discover more about the world around them, and evolve into leaders of tomorrow, in the community and a broader global context. Indus Boarding is a miniature ‘global village’ with students from various cultures around the world.

What makes boarding at Indus different?

School within a School

  • Deep learning experiences – in music, dance, drama through certified programs and courses
  • Pursuit of excellence – through a range of team and individual sporting activities
  • Strong sense of citizenship– through diligent and deliberate community engagement
  • Physical, social and emotional wellbeing – through a dedicated and trained team of House parents, Counsellors and a full – fledged in – house medical team led by a residential doctor
  • Robust afterschool support – to enhance academic achievement
  • Building self-efficacy and confidence – through discipline and routine
  • Continuous communication with parents – through our integrated platform SpaceBasic App, complete with the latest updates and information at your fingertips.

Weekly & Regular Boarding

At Indus, we offer both weekly boarding and full-time boarding along with residences for house parents. There are separate boarding houses based on age or Grade, with two to three students sharing a room in every hostel.

Boarders can look forward to the entire range of sporting activities like basketball, football, cricket, badminton, table tennis, swimming, and athletics along with other activities like music, dance, cookery, arts & crafts. On weekends, they also get to visit amusement parks, places of historical interest, shopping malls (twice a year) or go on picnics now and then.

Counselling & Support

At Indus, we have full-time counsellors dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of the students in all aspects of life, be it college and career plans or personal challenges. For the holistic growth of students, we support them through our counselling sessions when they are facing challenges, be they academic or personal. We believe it is important to help students develop socially and overcome their behavioral, physical or mental health challenges.