Dr. Sarojini Rao

Principal of Indus International School, Bangalore

Dr. Sarojini Rao, Principal of Indus International School, Bangalore since July 2005, has exceptional academic credentials. Dr. Rao has been instrumental in planning the curriculum and inter-curricular strategy, defining academic and non-academic objectives for the school, and in training teachers. She has played a pivotal role in making Indus the yardstick for residential schools in India.

Her role includes formulating the Leadership Curriculum, the Instructional Supervision and Evaluation model for the school. With specialized knowledge of the Balanced Scorecard, she has implemented standards that set challenging and exacting benchmarks, which have rendered the all-around success of Indus as a top international school, in delivering holistic education with academic rigor as the highest priority.

Dr. Rao ranked first in the University of Pune in B.A. Economics and holds three postgraduate degrees in Economics, Education and Business Administration from the University of Edinburgh. Trained in all the three IB programs (PYP, MYP, and DP), Dr. Rao is also a graduate of the Principal’s Training Centre for International School Leadership, USA.

Dr. Sarojini Rao has been awarded the Education Today Leaders-The Pillars in Education 2018 in the honour for displaying exemplary traits of sincerity, dedication & hard work in the field of education.

Dr. Rao represents the core values of the school: love, empathy, discipline, and respect. This reflects in our students being sensitized to the needs of the less privileged in society, and their vigour to contribute through service. Both teachers and student leaders at Indus are committed to excelling in a variety of endeavours for themselves and their students, which translates to passion and purpose, service and spirituality, diversity and global understanding.

Dr. Rao is the Managing Trustee of Indus International Community School, Bangalore, one of India’s best international schools that offer quality education to the underprivileged.

Under her leadership, students are geared up to take on the challenges that lie ahead as flag bearers and makers of the future. Her emphasis on holistic education has been the highlight of her conviction and has resulted in Indus being ranked by Education World the best international school in India for twelve consecutive years.